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Structured job interviewing with Hireproof provides less bias, better hires, and happier candidates. Get started interviewing the right way.

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Run meaningful job interviews

Design and manage high quality, delightful, and structured interview processes.

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Less bias

Measure, don't assume

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Evaluation based on skills
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Better decisions

Always the best hires

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Evaluation based on skills
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Happier candidates

Fair and enjoyable process

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Evaluation based on skills


Design questions, interview templates, and job openings.

Add interviews
Add interviews


Run job interview processes that candidates love

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Run interviews


Compare candidates based on their skills.

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For every taste

For everyone

Hireproof is built to serve the whole hiring team.

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  1. Hiring managers

    Define job openings and measure the candidate skills that your team needs.

  2. Recruiters & TA Specialists

    Build quality and fairness in your process, and start improving your employer brand.

  3. Job interviewers

    Easily prepare for interviews, and never fill out another scorecard again.

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Gijs Corstens

Gijs Corstens


With Hireproof I hire in a more structured way, I save time, ask the questions that matter and make better hiring decisions.

Head of Product

Carina Wetzlhütter

Carina Wetzlhütter

Selma Finance

Hireproof showed us how all over the place our interview process was and that we need to train our interview skills. We all know that we need Hireproof for our interviews and unbiased processes

Marketing Lead

Chad Sowash

Chad Sowash

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

There are so many companies who do not want to use one-way interviewing. [...] They just want better, standardized processes.


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