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Hireproof is a team of developers and recruiters fighting hiring bias and bringing justice to recruitment.

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We are a European recruitment tech startup, founded in 2021, with a global team of founders from Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Our team found each other online, and immediately connected behind the mission of making recruitment better. We are driven by our combined experience as recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers.

We want to re-focus the recruitment process on the humane part of it: conversations.

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  • Justice


    Fight for equal opportunities and guide interviewers to hire based on data, not gut feeling. We want to remove bias, luck, and inconsistency from interviews.

  • Be yourself


    Culture fit is not about everybody looking and thinking the same. We value our team members for their unique ideas and worldview. Our differences are what make us strong!

  • Transparency


    What you see is who we are. We don’t play games and we share our progress as well as setbacks openly. We encourage and promote total honesty in recruitment as well as our company culture.

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  • How to measure candidate motivation in job interviews

  • Why you should structure your job interviews

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